Should I Appeal My Assessment?

(for Residential appeals only)
  • This Guide will help you decide if you should appeal your residential assessment. If you do appeal, it will help you be better prepared.
  • This Guide is interactive. You will:
    • Answer some questions
    • Listen to videos
  • This Guide will save you time and effort. You will:
    • Learn how to get better evidence
    • Hear if you will likely have a strong or weak case
  • You need about 10 minutes for a simple issue, 30 to 45 minutes for a more complex one.

Start your evaluation now:

  • Click on any issue in the left column.
  • You will then answer some questions.
  • In some pages, you can listen to videos or just read the text.
  • After reviewing one issue, you can stop or look at another issue.

We cannot tell you if you will "win" or "lose" your appeal.  It is completely up to you if you appeal.  This Guide will help you with this decision.

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Instructions for using this Guide

Is the Guide for you?

Guide covers

Guide does not cover

Residential appeals

Commercial & Industrial appeals

Recreational property appeals

Property Classification appeals (such as farm classification)


Purpose of Guide:

The Guide will help you decide whether or not to appeal.

We cannot tell you if you will "win" or "lose" your appeal.  We will say whether you will likely have a strong or weak case.  We will also suggest how you can get better evidence or support.

No matter what we say in this Guide, it is completely up to you to decide if you want to appeal.

Navigating through this guide:

  1. To start your evaluation: Click on the issue in the left column that best matches your concern.
  2. How it works: 

    We will ask you questions and you will answer “Yes” “No”.

    - The Guide will tell you if there may be a problem with your assessment that you might want to appeal.  It will also tell you if you probably will not succeed with your argument.

    - You can go back and change your answer to any question to see what the Guide will say.
  3. Text and Video options:  In some sections, you can see a video or just read the text.  You can click to stop or replay the video.
  4. You can evaluate more than one issue:  After you finish one issue, you can exit from the Guide or select another issue from the list in the left column.  
  5. Filing an appeal:  We recommend you fully complete the Guide on your issue before you decide whether or not to appeal.  However, you can file an appeal, at any time, by clicking on the "Submit an Appeal" link on the top menu.


Issue A: My assessment is not at market value (too high or too low):

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